Fierce Naturals

Fierce Naturals was founded in 2012 by Cheryl Lizana, a Los Angeles naturalista, discovering herself on her natural hair journey. In addition to our online and social media presence, Fierce Naturals has grown to include events in the Los Angeles area including meetups and the Annual Fierce Naturals Health and Beauty Expo. 

In addition to connecting you with creators of natural hair, skin, and body products, Fierce Naturals brings awareness of the latest news focusing on culture, fashion, and trends. We're bringing together new naturals, seasoned naturals, and naturals in training - you know you wanna be our new curlfriend! - to share in this journey of embracing and blossoming in our beauty. 

Our mission is to inspire women to love and embrace their natural beauty, within and without, while celebrating the diversity that makes us all unique.

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Cheryl Lizana

Cheryl, founder of Fierce Naturals (March 2012). Social media, event planning, and beauty aficionado.


We're connecting curlfriends in the Los Angeles area with fun and informative events throughout the year.

We cover what matters; culture, trending news, fashion + beauty, your favorite content creators, and important issues.

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